Mr. Bobby Gutierrez appointed Co-Chair of the Talent Initiative Steering Committee

Gutierrez assumes role of Co-Chair as Andrew Nelson steps down following election as Mayor of the City of Bryan

BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, TX – The Talent Initiative Steering Committee of The Research Valley Partnership, a public-private economic development corporation serving the citizens of Brazos County, today announced it has appointed Mr. Bobby Gutierrez to co-chair the committee effective December 2, 2016.  Mayor Nelson will continue to serve on the Steering Committee alongside College Station Mayor Karl Mooney and Brazos County Judge Duane Peters.  The Steering Committee is currently collecting signatures to support an election to vote on a new community college district in Brazos County.

“I am confident that Mr. Gutierrez’s experience, vision and leadership will enable the Brazos Talent Initiative to continue to advocate for Brazos County,” said Andrew Nelson, mayor of Bryan and former co-chair of the Steering Committee. “Our priority today is to make sure we give every registered voter in Brazos County a chance to voice their opinion on the formation of a new community college district.”

Brazos County is rapidly changing, both economically and demographically, demanding a comprehensive community college designed to meet the needs of Brazos County. “All of the members of the Committee are committed to gaining and using facts to support recommendations on options for Brazos County,” said Ivan Olson, co-chair of the Steering Committee. “It’s never been more important for Brazos County residents to determine their own destiny, which is why we’re urging folks to sign the petition to support an election.”

To date, the committee has gathered over 5,000 signatures; approximately 10,000 are necessary to call an election. The committee’s goal is to gather enough signatures in the next 30 days to total 15,000 signatures.

Volunteers are circulating the petition at Texas A&M football games, and will also attend community holiday events that will be publicized on the Brazos Talent Initiative’s website,   Several businesses in the community are also hosting the petition so that voters can easily sign it. A list of local businesses, as well as instructions for downloading a petition and dropping it off, are also available on the website.

Once the county verifies the signatures, the committee will present the petition to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at its January 2017 meeting.


About The Research Valley Partnership

The Research Valley Partnership is a public-private economic development corporation serving the citizens of Brazos County, Texas.  The Partnership pursues economic growth in the county without regard to jurisdiction through its programs, services and initiatives to help launch, grow and locate companies in Brazos County.

About the Brazos Talent Initiative Steering Committee

In June of 2016, the Research Valley Partnership formed the Talent Pipeline Steering Committee in response to unmet demand in Brazos County and the greater Research Valley, recognizing lack of talent will inhibit economic growth fundamental to the Partnership’s mission. The Steering Committee has broad-based, community-wide representation.